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- Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Addendum to Family Cloth

As I was discussing the "Family Cloth" with my husband last night I realized something. If these family cloth advocates really want to be super hero status, eco-conscious pro-environmentalist then why are they using sweat shop made fabric (poor little children, I mean this) that has to be washed (wasting water and energy) with bleach (chlorine in our water system) and detergents (more chemicals). Not to mention how these chemicals are manufactured, packaged, transported, etc.... I could go on and on (maybe I just did).

We digress...so back to my original thought, if they really and truly want to be green they should just wipe with natures own toilet paper......you got it! Leaves! Just stay clear of poison ivy. Oh and while you're at it just mark off an area in your yard and "go" there...no flushing required. Now we are talking 'Green".

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