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- Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beautiful Solar Power? Yes Please!

I came across this article and had to share.  No more ugly solar panels!  Beautiful solar power, art even!  A German architect created a 35% more efficient way to collect solar power that is also 200% more appealing than an ugly boring solar panel.  Read the full article at FastCompany

Eco Friendly Square Foot Gardening

I started a square foot gardening instructor certification course this week.   Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a gardening method that makes gardening easy and appealing to everyone.  I will be sharing information on how to use SFG method on my gardening blog Small Space Gardening Without A Green Thumb.  

A few thing I want to share about SFG:

- SFG is a simple efficient method of gardening in a small space.
- SFG uses 80% less space than traditional long row gardening.
- Major benefits are:
     - Cost reduced 50%
     - Space reduced 80%
     - Water is reduced 90%
     - Seeds reduced by 98%
     - Work is reduce to a minimum
- Things that are eliminated by using SFG method:
     - Tilling
     - Digging
     - Fertilizing
     - Weeding