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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green Vaccines part 1 when and if to vaccinate

Vaccines causing autism and other neurological disorders? This is a serious topic I feel very strongly about. If you are expecting or have an infant, these are facts that you should give serious thought to before your child is immunized. It is true that vaccines have benefits and it is also true that vaccines carry risk. I do believe that children should be vaccinated but it should be done with caution and with all the information, pro and con, given considerable consideration. I believe an alternative immunization schedule is safest.

Do vaccines cause autism? The jury is still out. Each child and each situation are different and can have a different outcome. I personally have seen the children of friends that have gone from healthy, normally developing children to children with autism very soon after vaccinations. I believe that as long as the debate continues that it is best to err on the side of caution. More research definitely needs to be done. Harmful chemicals need to be removed from all vaccines.

Autism Facts: 1 in 150 children, 4:1 ratio of boys to girls, 1 in 98 boys, fastest growing developmental disability.


Books to read to make an informed choice :

Please visit the following links for more information: Generation Rescue and Finding The Words

In my next blog entry I will discuss the dangerous additives to vaccines...including the Flu vaccine.

Clean with a concious

Less plastic means less landfill waste. I am a Clorox cleaner by nature...kill them germs dead is my motto. But I want to be a little more eco-concious. I have been hearing about Clorox Green Works. All Green Works natural cleaners are made using plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, as well as essential oils. The products are formulated using biodegradable ingredients, are packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not tested on animals. Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, Natural Glass Cleaner, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Natural Dilutable Cleaner products have been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for using environmentally preferable chemistry, and carry the EPA’s “Design for Environment” certification logo.

Less plastic means less landfill waste. Another line of eco-friendly cleaners is ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™. The ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners starter kit comes with a refillable plastic trigger spray bottle and one concentrated cleaning cartridge. Each refill pack you buy means 2 less plastic spray bottles in landfills. The refill pack uses 80% less packaging than 2 pre-filled spray cleaners. The formula is biodegradable and uses powerful plant-based cleaners* — and contains no harsh ammonia or phosphates.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conserve water when you shower

(Recycling this post from Moni's Random Raves)

Turn off that shower!
I seem to be saying this like one buzzillion times a week. My kids take the longest showers. Hello, the cast for High School Musical has already been picked and the movie made. The hot water can not possibly last that long. I don't know, maybe the California Raisin look is in these days.

Any who.... I was wondering if there was any sort of shower timer out there and to my amazement there is!!!! Now of course I could just set a cooking timer, but that would require me to add one more thing to my already too long list of things to do. I know the kids would never do it themselves.

I found The Shower Manager, a high tech device that attaches between the wall and shower head that is set for 5, 8, or 11 minutes for full flow water. Near the end of the set time of full flow a beep sounds then the water goes into a half flow mode signaling that it is time to get out. Once turned off for 5minutes the timer will reset for the next shower. Sounds nice but it is a little pricey at $114.99 and I don't know if there is a shipping fee (probably)....WHY?...Because they are all sold out....hmmmmmmmm

So the question here would be is the savings in water worth the cost of the device????
Wouldn't you know.....they have a water conservation calculator.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

CFL Savings?

One of the biggest and easiest trends in greening your home is to replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Trying to be green I replaced at least 35 bulbs in my house with CFLs. They are said to use 2/3 less energy. They are more expensive upfront but are supposed to last 10 times longer (5 years) ....hmmmmm I have had quite a few go out within a few weeks, so in actuality with so many replacements it is costing me more. I do like the fact that they put off less heat 70% as a matter of fact (I especially love it here in Texas where it is so hot). I don't like the fact that contain toxic mercury and should be recycled. Please don't just throw thhem out. You can find a location to recycle CFLs (and fluorescent lights in general) using Earth 911’s recycling locator. There are also take back options by manufacturers and retailers like IKEA. It takes a bigger effort but it is worth it.