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- Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beautiful Solar Power? Yes Please!

I came across this article and had to share.  No more ugly solar panels!  Beautiful solar power, art even!  A German architect created a 35% more efficient way to collect solar power that is also 200% more appealing than an ugly boring solar panel.  Read the full article at FastCompany

Eco Friendly Square Foot Gardening

I started a square foot gardening instructor certification course this week.   Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a gardening method that makes gardening easy and appealing to everyone.  I will be sharing information on how to use SFG method on my gardening blog Small Space Gardening Without A Green Thumb.  

A few thing I want to share about SFG:

- SFG is a simple efficient method of gardening in a small space.
- SFG uses 80% less space than traditional long row gardening.
- Major benefits are:
     - Cost reduced 50%
     - Space reduced 80%
     - Water is reduced 90%
     - Seeds reduced by 98%
     - Work is reduce to a minimum
- Things that are eliminated by using SFG method:
     - Tilling
     - Digging
     - Fertilizing
     - Weeding


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunscreen Safety and Effectiveness

Every year I like to brush up on my sunscreen safety and effectiveness.  We like to think that we are being safe and protecting ourselves and our children from the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen.  In some cases we are doing little and sometimes even doing more harm.   UVB rays are the sunburn causing rays and the UVA rays are the cancer causing rays.   Broad Spectrum sunscreen should contain protection from both types of rays. A good broad spectrum sunscreen should also be free of harmful ingredients.  As with many products, FDA regulation is very weak in this area.

Here is a link to EWG's (environmental working group) 2013 Sunscreen guide:  

EWG Sunscreens

Also check out my UV iphone app iSunburn

iPhone Screenshot 2 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Greener Driving

In my persuit of GREENNESS I have been driving a Prius since 2011.   I was driving an SUV and my daily driving habits consisted of making a minimum of four to six short trips to three schools and plus various other short errands.   This was getting me horrible gas mileage.  I was averaging about 13mpg which was terrible and expensive.  I loved the space in my SUV and all the seating for my family of five but watching the mpg's made me cringe! 

On a trip to San Francisco, my husband and I decided to do as the locals and rented a Toyota Prius for a few road trips to surrounding areas and down the pacific coast highway.   Needless to say we LOVED the average 50mpg we were getting and the level of technology the car was equipped with.

We started our Prius search shortly after the big earthquake in Japan so it was difficult locating the model we wanted.  The moment one came available we bought it.    Living in an area with many high end luxury cars, my teenagers cringed at the thought of being taxied around in a "PRIUS".   I had to convince them that being "green" and driving this high tech hybrid was way cooler than the gas guzzling luxury cars.  I have really enjoyed driving the Prius but I have to be brutally honest and say I still have a slight desire to have a stand out luxury car.

This brings me to my new hearts desire....I can be green and turn heads in a new TESLA!!! I wish!!!
I have started to see a few driving around in my area.