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Monday, September 29, 2008

Green...How far is too far?

Can you be too green? I am all for going green (obviously duh) but really some people are taking this too far. So I just read an article about a new eco-friendly home trend called "family cloth."

Family cloth is the term used for machine washable fabric strips that are used instead of toilet paper. Yes you heard me right. No more toilet paper rolls. People cut up old t-shirts and sheets into strips that are placed in a receptacle next to the thrown. The used wipes are then placed into another receptacle, preferably something with a lid if you catch my drift (actually so you don't catch the drift.) Odor free? I doubt it. Even the Diaper Genie has issues. Maybe if you has a charcoal filter and an exhaust fan to the outside. Don't forget that someone gets the "crappy" task of washing the used fabric with detergent and bleach.

So if you are open minded enough to try this family cloth thing remember not to drop it in the toilet or you will have to fish it out. I can hear the kids now, "Mom! I dropped the family cloth in the toilet!" Worse, they might just try to flush a twin sheet worth of family cloth and overflow the whole mess onto the floor. Sorry guys but the thought of this green alternative is making me GREEN.

There are eco-friendly toilet papers out there that are made with recycled materials and are processed chlorine free. See the list below:

Atlantic Packaging’s “Ambiance,” “Fiesta” and “April Soft” brand

Earth First (Available at Safeway)
Seventh Generation

If you are a hard core pro-environmentalist....let me know how this works out for you. I will be carrying my own roll just in case this trend takes off.

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